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In addition to developing its own projects, SAP contributes to the work of other artists, writers, film and radio producers. We also work with educational and research institutions. Our staff has worked as writers and researchers on projects developed for PBS--Frontline, American Experience, WNET-TV, WGBH-TV, HBO, the National Geographic film division, the Learning Channel, WFCR-Amherst, Massachusetts, Public Radio Statopm. We've also worked on projects for the Northampton, MA Forbes Library, the Conway, MA Historical Society, the Pocumtuck Memorial Valley Association in Deerfield, MA. Projects we have participated in have won many awards including Academy Award nominations, selection by major film and media festivals.

Selected Credits:

Work on these projects included Narration Consulting, Scriptwriting or Rewriting, or Film Research. Sometimes only one of the tasks was required, sometimes all. Sometimes the work was done by John Crowley, sometimes by Laurie Block, sometimes they worked as a duo.

The Morning Sun: 2003. A documentary about the Chinese "Cultural Revolution." Produced and directed by Richard Gordon and Carma Hinton, LongBow Group.

The Burning Wall: 2002. A history of the GDR (German Democratic Republic. Produced and directed by Hava Kohav.

Voices of the New China: 2000. Produced and directed by Emma Morris for WETA.

Nike Corporation: Since 1996 SAP has provided film research for Nike Corporation's corporate library.

Women in America: 1995. Produced by Kenwood Productions.

The Gate of Heavenly Peace: 1995. Produced and directed by Richard Gordon and Carma Hinton, Long Bow Group. Selected for the 1995 New York Film Festival.

Nobody's Girl: 1995. Shown nationally on PBS.

The Restless Conscience: 1993. Produced and directed by Hava Kohav. Academy Award Nomination.

"Degenerate" Art: 1992. Produced by David Grubin. 60 minute PBS special.

Pearl Harbor: Surprise and Remembrance: 1991. Produced by Lance Bird and Tom Johnson for WGBH, The American Experience.

The Great Depression: 1990. National Geographic Society. Cine Golden Eagle.

1917: Revolution in Russia: 1988. The National Geographic Society. Cine Golden Eagle, American Film Festival Red Ribbon,

Tasting One Hundered Herbs: All Under Heaven: 1987. Produced by Richard Gordon and Carma Hinton. Cine Golden Eagle, Blue Ribbon, American Film Festival, Earthwatch Film Award; sold to PBS, BBC, A & E Channel.

America's Cup 1987: The Walter Cronkite Report: 1988. Produced and directed by James Donaldson. CINE Golden Eagle, 1988.

200 Years: The Daily Hampshire Gazette: 1987. Produced by Roger Sherman. A portrait of a 200 year old small town newspaper. 20 Min.

Are We Winning Mommy: America and the Cold War: 1986. Berlin Film Festival, Cine Golden Eagle, Silver Apple National Educational Film Festival, Red Ribbon American film Festival.

Capitalism: Markets and Enterprise; Communism: The Path of Revolution; The Socialist Impulse: 1986. The National Geographic Society. Cine Golden Eagle, Gold Medal International Film and TV Festival of NY; Gold Certificate International Educational Films.

Challenge to Excel: Mount Holyoke College: 1986. Produced by Roger Sherman. College recruitment film, 13 min. Gold Medal CASE Awards.
American and Lewis Hine: 1984. Produced by David Allentuck and Nina Rosenbloom. New York Film Festival, the Telluride Film Festival, and the Berlin Film Festival.

Secret Agent:1983. Produced by Jackie Ochs. New York Film Festival and Filmex.

No Place to Hide: 1982. Half-hour documentary for PBS series, Matters of Life and Death. "Incisively written" --Newsweek.

The World of Tomorrow: 1981. Produced and directed by Lance Bird and Tom Johnson. Shown nationally on PBS. "A dandy documentary" --NY Times. Selected for Filmex, L.A., London and other film festivals.

America Lost and Found: Produced by Media Study, Inc. Shown nationally on PBS. Blue ribbon, American Film Festival; other major awards.

$10 Horse and a $40 Saddle: Produced and directed by Brian Dew. Western Heritage Award, Cowboy Hall of Fame.

The Last Plague: The 1918 Flu Epidemic: 1982. Produced by David Loxton. For Home Box Office's Flashback series.

Hindenburg -- Ship of Doom: 1981. For Home Box Office's Flashback series.

Nuclear Energy: The Question Before Us: 1981.The National Geographic Society. Cine Golden Eagle, American Film Festival Red Ribbon.

American Outpost: Upton Sinclair: 1981. Unproduced 90-minute documentary script about the life of the famous muckraking writer.

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