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FIT: Episodes in the History of the Body

FIT: Episodes in the History of the Body is a 16 mm, archival documentary with narration by Linda Hunt. 74 min. FIT explores, explodes, and exposes the cultural roots of America's fitness fanaticism. It is a study of how ideas about the fit and the unfit change, how the concepts get shaped and expressed. Selected for USA Film Festival, AFI Film Festival in LA, Vancouver International Festival. Cork International Film Festival, Ireland. PBS broadcast, spring 1994 - 1995. Funding: National Endowment for the Humanities, Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities and Connecticut Humanities Council.
“…Block keenly shows that attitudes towards the body are often a reflection of attitudes towards gender, class, and race roles.”
–Betsy Sherman, The Boston Globe.

“Without preaching, ‘FIT’ convincingly shows that the body is a battlefield. And that sit-ups can be a political statement.”

–Steve Murray, The Atlanta Constitution.

“As visually compelling as it is intelligent”

–Robin Dougherty, The Boston Phoenix

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