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Straight Ahead Pictures is a nonprofit organization that depends on a variety of funding sources to fulfill its mission creating innovative media projects. The Disability History Museum is our largest ongoing project. To remain relevant and useful, the library collection must continue to grow and new educational modules must be developed.

If you would like to support either the creative media or the educational work we do, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution. Donate online by Credit Card or e-Check, or send a check to:

Straight Ahead Pictures, Inc.
P.O. Box 395
Conway, MA 01341

We deeply appreciate the support of our donors. We welcome your interest and your suggestions.

Photo Credits

Straight Ahead Pictures Collection
  • Woman In Kitchen
  • Strength Magazine
  • True Story Magazine
  • Physical Culture Magazine
  • VIM Magazine
  • Honey Girls
  • S.A.P. in a Can
  • Three Men Flexing Their Muscles
  • Woman Opening Umbrella: photo by Eadweard Muybridge; animation by SAP
Wellesley College Archives
  • Wellesley Students Stretching
  • Wellesley Students Exercising
The Bogadan Collection
  • Blind Musicians At Piano
The Boeing Company Archives
  • World War II Industrial Workers
Library of Congress
  • Eugene Sandow
Todd McLean Physical Culture Collection at the University of Texas
  • Vulcana
  • Women in Union Suits Posing

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