Beyond Affliction: Intro to Evidence

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"The reason that people with disability are often thought to have had no history is really that they've had no recorded history. Only recently have there been any histories of disability. It's been partly because society has denied that there was anything important to be learned. It was partly because, as with any minority group, the people were so of the Other that they were never given any of the tools to record any aspects of their history: 'history' would be, supposedly, only one of successes, of the heroes of the society, not those who had difficulty, in some ways, fitting in. So, people with disability have followed the paths of people with color, and women, of trying to reclaim what has long been lost."       -- Irving Zola, 1995

The documents that we have placed in Evidence are aspects of the history of disability, but they are by no means comprehensive. Some examples are from the shows, some are not. They suggest paths for further exploration and research. Material throughout this site is essentially a part of Evidence.



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