Beyond Affliction: Overdue Revolution

    PROGRAM 3:

After generations of being spoken to, spoken for, and spoken about by the able-bodied, people with disabilities fought for and won the right to speak for themselves. Beginning in the early 1970's and emboldened by the Civil and women's rights movements, people with disabilities organized and protested against a system that offered them benefits but denied basic civil rights. In this program, the men and women who organized the modern disability rights movement and won the passage of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act (and ultimately the Americans with Disabilities Act) tell how they sat-in, demonstrated, and successfully lobbied for their civil rights. Many of the primary source documents that are described in this on-air program are available here. These materials are mostly found in the Community, Evidence and Education sections in the navigation bar above. Each of those areas is arranged into four chronological periods. This section of the site also contains materials not included in the on-air programs.

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